Young London restaurateur ‘loves the amazing variety of food to be found in Sri Lanka’s capital city Colombo’


London restaurateur Yohini Nandakumar, whose parents are from Sri Lanka, loves the amazing variety of food to be found in our capital city Colombo, now a thriving tourist hub.

Yohini Nandakumar

The Evening Standard reports that the UK-born co-founder of Lewisham’s Sparrow restaurant grew up visiting Colombo, where her parents had an apartment.

She recounts some of the places she loves to eat, starting with Galle Face Hotel, where “you can sit there with a cocktail and watch the sun go down over the sea. We always do that on our first evening”.


Next up, Nuga Gama. “Visiting Sri Lanka, I think it could be hard knowing whether or not you’re experiencing authentic Sri Lankan food – unless of course you know people and go to somebody’s house to try theirs.

“But here you get great, tasty, high quality, authentic Sri Lankan dishes. We’ve had good crab curry there – the quality varies across the city – and lots of sambals including a traditional coconut red onion and lime one.

“I’m ethnically Tamil and eat a lot of Tamil food, and here you can get black pepper pork curry, which I hadn’t had before but was very interesting.”


Last but not least, for a special treat, Mount Lavinia. “It’s outside the centre, and you can take the local train from the Fort railway station to get there, which is lovely as it takes you right by the beach, almost onto the water.

“We went because chef Publis has a restaurant there and we have his cookery book so we wanted to eat at his Governor’s Restaurant.

“There is all sorts of traditional excellent Sri Lankan food, and they do a brilliant breakfast too – with fresh hoppers, string hoppers and rice and curries. It’s just a great, indulgent experience.”

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