Couple-picA young couple travelling the world have spent happy weeks exploring Sri Lanka, and blogging about where they’ve been and what they’ve seen.

Matt and Dayna, are “a married couple travelling the world and trying to find a way to do it permanently. We share stories of our travels and what’s going on in our daily lives as we try and achieve this dream”.

Part of which was to visit this paradise island and see for themselves our rich biodiversity, the history and mystery of the Cultural Triangle, and our renowned Hill Country.

Exploring Sri Lanka’s Tea Plantations

“After the heat of Kandy and Dambulla, we were more than ready to head to the cooler, hilly region filled with Sri Lanka’s Tea Plantations. The temperatures were cooler and we were going to finally get to see how all this tea we drink is made.

“We were heading to Nuwara Eliya for a few nights and then on to Ella. Both were pretty, picturesque little towns. Nuwara Eliya with a more bustling, local vibe and Ella more of a backpacker haven of tourism, tasty food and hiking. Both shared one thing though: there is a beautiful train journey there.”

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Three3 days in Kandy… without any Candy!

“The train from Kandy to Nanuoya (the closest stop to Nuwara Eliya) is one of the most scenic journeys in Sri Lanka. We had opted for the cheap (like less £1 each cheap) 2nd class unreserved train because we weren’t able to get the reserved seats (they were sold out in advance).

“This is the real hill country of Sri Lanka; the train tracks run right up to nearly 2000m above sea level and along long portions we were treated to picturesque views of lush, green, tiered tea plantations for miles.

“Those lush tea plantations are just part of the story though. All that tea doesn’t just get picked and then brewed to make tea though (actually, I wouldn’t have been that surprised if it did… We were off to see how the magic happens.”

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Visiting Sigiriya in Dambulla

“We loved our few days in Dambulla mainly because we had a great place to stay. Sevonrich Holiday Resort was definitely the best place to stay in Dambulla (…and no, they didn’t pay us anything to say that – they were just really good to us and we loved our stay there).

“We arrived on an air-conditioned bus from Kandy (which was a bit more of a struggle figuring out than we expected – read our little guide to that here) and we were made to feel at home immediately by our wonderful host.

“On our first day in Dambulla we were dropped off next door to the Dambulla Cave Temple, the largest and best preserved temple complex in Sri Lanka. After several years of travel, the 3 of us have all racked up more than our fair share of temple visits so we weren’t too in awe of the huge reclining Buddha and painted caves.”

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