World travellers hail best-ever curry at vegan restaurant in historic northern Sri Lanka city of Jaffna


Sarah and Josh

A vegan restaurant in Jaffna, northern Sri Lanka, has been hailed by a staunch American vegetarian couple as being one of the best they have found on their global travels.

Sustainable-travel bloggers Sarah and Josh at Veggie Vagabonds “wander through life taking it one meal at a time in search of belly filling adventures around the globe”.

Earlier this year their travels took them to Sri Lanka’s historic northernmost city, where they found the Sri Saiee Bavaan restaurant and “the best curry from our three months travelling Sri Lanka”.


Wanderlust Vegans reports that Sarah and Josh “stayed in Jaffna for one week and visited nearly everyday and each day we were so impressed with the flavours and variety of dishes on offer.

“From curry to dosa’s, to short eat and kottu roti everything was bursting with spices and aromas.”

“Wherever there was a Hindu temple, an abundance of veggie curries wasn’t far away. Not only this but the variety of delicious curries available were endless and you would never find two the same.”


The foodie adventurers “love to explore new cultures and cuisines. We believe that life is far too short to eat bad food so we wander sustainably exploring with our taste buds.

“Being environmentally conscious is really important to us which is why we travel slow and it’s also the best way to encounter new experiences and cultures.

“We became vegan for many reason but predominantly animal welfare and the environment.”

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