World eco-tourism guru Costas Christ extols Sri Lanka as ‘the best of Africa and Asia all rolled into one’


Costas Christ

Says eco-tourism Costas Christ: “I’ve spent a good chunk of my life traveling the globe and spreading the gospel of sustainable tourism and its commitment to protecting natural and cultural heritage.”

And now he has placed Sri Lanka top of the list of nine destinations around the world “that are doing tourism right”.

“From cities and islands to jungles and deserts, here are nine special places that present opportunities to celebrate travel at its eco-friendliest and finest.”


Writing for the prestigious National Geographic website, he says that “a visit to rising ecotourism star Sri Lanka is kind of like having the best of Africa and Asia all rolled into a single easy-to-get-around island”.

He notes that our wildlife—“Asian elephants specific to Sri Lanka roam, leopards frequent the southern forests, and rare gray slender lorises—“present bucket-list-worthy wildlife-viewing opportunities”.

There’s more: “Cultural heritage also reigns supreme here, from ancient Buddhist kingdoms … to vibrantly vital Hindu festivals like Kataragama that draw thousands of spiritual devotees each year.”


He has particular praise for Jetwing Hotels, Sri Lanka’s leading provider of upscale hospitality, and which, “deeply committed to environmental best practices, will help you tap into Sri Lanka’s wonders”.

He says: “Search for leopards in Yala National Park while staying at the company’s solar-powered camp, then head to newly open Jetwing Kaduruketha high in the mountains to explore villages nestled among emerald rice fields with a local as your guide.”

Costas Christr is a member of the Advisory Board of World Travel Market -World Responsible Tourism Day, and is one of the pioneers of ecotourism, helping to officially define the term and serving as a founding member and former Chairman of The International Ecotourism Society.

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