Whale-watching from the air raises major Sri Lanka tourist attraction to a breathtaking new level


Breathtaking aerial views of whales off the coast of Sri Lanka are provided by F-Air to promote ‘air tourism’ from the Sri Lanka Airforce base at Koggala Airport, Galle.

Asks Feizal Samath in TTG: “What better way to watch the blue whales than from a low-flying, small aircraft off Sri Lanka’s picturesque southern coast?”

“The view from 500-700 feet above sea level is absolutely breathtaking. After this experience, watching sea mammals from a boat may never quite be good enough.”


Guests preparing to take off are greeted with a chilled drink and a comfortable check-in lounge by a lake at the tail-end of the runway.

During a 45-minute flight from Koggala Airport off the coastal town of Galle, Feizal was treated to an unforgettable experience of watching the majestic sea giants in ultimate comfort

F-Air operates three four-seater Cessna 172s (with two more due to be delivered), mostly on the weekends, but handles special tours on request, which are taken through resorts.


Flight also provide aerial views of Sri Lanka’s many beautiful scenic destinations, including temples, lakes, mountain ranges and Weligama Bay.

For whale-watching it follows the Whale and Dolphin Watching Regulations and Guidelines closely, flying at least 1,000 feet (305m) above sea level before coming down to 700 feet when a mammal is spotted in the ocean.

The company operates six to eight whale watching flights a day, while also helping scientific data-collection by transporting researchers studying blue whales.

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