Spies at the CIA—no, not that one, this is the Culinary Institute of America—are urging yankee doodles to “try crab curry from Sri Lanka that’s exploding with flavors!”.

A story in the Washington Post reports how CIA students in Singapore recently visited Sri Lanka where they “explored the local flavors of traditional curries.

“The country has a wealth of ingredients that were historically inaccessible in other parts of the world, resulting in flavorful combinations of spices, produce, and proteins that are uniquely Sri Lankan.

“Bachelor’s degree candidates studying toward an Asian Cuisines concentration spend a semester at the CIA’s Singapore location learning from world-renowned chefs, a vibrant culinary scene, and travels through neighboring countries like Malaysia and Indonesia.”

The Post reports that “inspired by the journey, the class prepared this recipe for Sri Lankan Crab Curry, a spiced (and a little spicy) mixture that is exploding with flavors and ingredients that you may not use every day.

“The beauty of a curry is that, while every ingredient plays a role, there is enough flavor to go around so minor omissions or substitutions won’t ruin the recipe.”

Check out the recipe here.

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