Efforts to reassure tourists that Sri Lanka is doing everything to tackle the current dengue fever outbreak has been reinforced by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

He has asked the government to allocate US$2 million (Rs300 million) to the health ministry for the immediate purchase of sophisticated equipment to ensure effective treatment of dengue patients.

It follows a recommendation by a committee appointed by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Management (CCEM), and is the latest in a raft of other recommendations on tackling dengue:



  • Strictly enforce the Circular issued by the Presidential Secretary holding all heads of government agencies accountable for having dengue-free office premises.
  • The Education Ministry to have dengue prevention programmes in schools with the participation of parents and students.
  • The Western Province has employed field workers to have house-to-house supervision. This should be expanded to other provinces as required.
  • The Finance and Mass Media Ministry to produce and broadcast suitable short video/audio clips to educate the people on the importance of preventing dengue.
  • Training of 2000 Army personnel for immediate care of dengue patients with the help of the Ministry of Health.
  • The Medical Officer of Health (MOH), The Local Authority, the Divisional Secretary and the Police Station in the area to work together to implement a proper dengue prevention programme.

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