Ella is one of the most strikingly beautiful locations in Sri Lanka. Set high among the peaks, valleys and tea plantations of our fabled Hill Country, it is without doubt one of this paradise island’s must-visit attractions.

Which is why it’s so gratifying to find that it’s blog—Visit Ella—is one of the Sri Lanka tourist industry’s best and most user-friendly online gateways, clearly designed and created with vision and expertise.

It highlights all that’s best and not-to-be-missed for travellers seeking an authentic Hill Country experience, including the fabulous winding train journey from Ella to Kandy, hailed by CNN as one of the best in the world.

With stacks of great pictures, many of them contributed by visitors themselves, the site includes things to do, how to get there and places to stay, as well as a recently launched eating-out page.

Visit Ella’s emphasis on hiking and hill-walking puts its finger on what lies at the heart of the Sri Lanka experience—our peerless landscapes of mist-shrouded valleys and forest-covered hills and mountain slopes.

To venture into such an inspiring unknown on a wing and a prayer, a song in your heart and a packed lunch in you backpack, is truly an unforgettable experience.

As the site blurb says: “If you are looking for a place to unwind from your busy lifestyle and to spend some peaceful, relaxed time with the nature, this is the place, and you will leave Ella with some fond memories to last a life time!”


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