Veggie haven Sri Lanka! Rice and curry hit the spot for bloggers on mission to promote sustainable eating


The clue is in the title—Veggie Vagabonds, a delightful travel blog from a young couple dedicated to healthy and sustainable eating. They found it in Sri Lanka!

They write: “If there’s one part of Sri Lanka we could take around the world it would definitely be the food.

“Sri Lanka is for sure a veggie haven! From road side snacks to fruit filled markets and fiery curries; this small island is filled from coast to coast with exciting new foods to try.”


Rice-and-curry is the staple, with an unbelievable variety of mouth watering vegan specialities made with all types of different vegetables (pumpkin curry is particularly popular).

These curries are fresh, filling and affordable, they’re best eaten by hand will keep you coming back for more. There are plenty of bread and short eat specialities like kottu, roti and idly which are often served with different chutney and sambal.

Along with a vast variety of exotic fruits and spices Sri Lanka offers the vegan traveller enough to try different foods everyday.


And the ultimate accolade: “Sri Lanka is only a little island but one that will surely steal your heart.

“For the veggie vagabonds out there it really should be top of your bucket list and whether you’re searching for wildlife, a quiet beach getaway, a culinary tour or temple hopping and curry munching.

“With the warmest of locals, great transport system and amazing value for money Sri Lanka ticks all the boxes and the whole country is ripe for exploring.”

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