Sri Lanka could be the new Baili or Thailand, reports Travellers Today in a piece that says “if you’re wishing for an unforgettable vacation filled with pristine beaches and beautiful culture, then this country is the place to be”.

It highlights our amazing food, and quotes travel writer Lou Blair’s saying that Sri Lankan cuisine captured her heart, with some dishes so inherently unique you wouldn’t find them anywhere else in the world.

Surfing is also tops, “with Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka slowly making a name for itself in the surfing world because of its high waves fit for surfing leisurely or for sport.”

And according to the Standard UK, says TT, “if you crave for a more high-end surfing experience, then check out Soul and Surf at the country’s southern coast”.

It adds: “Sri Lanka is not a hostile country; the locals are friendly enough to make you feel at home. According to Lou, there a number of local hosts who are more than happy to share their culture and food with you.

“Also, compared to India, you’ll find that Sri Lankans quite grasp the meaning of personal boundaries, meaning you won’t be really that hassled in the street when locals are trying to sell you goods.”

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