Guardian-kottu-1Delicious street food and Sri Lanka go together, nowhere more so than at the various Nana’s to be found clustered along the seafront at Galle Face Green in Colombo.

The original Nana’s, opened in the early 1980s and now closed, was such a celebrated institution that just about every new eating place takes its name—thus Nana Kings, Nana Rauf, Nana Toina, etc.

All of which is described in loving detail in the UK’s Guardian newspaper for a lively foodie traveller story that hails a special favourite—kottu, “a big, messy pile of comfort food; a tasty, moreish carb-fest”. Yes indeed!

Guardian-kottu-3The writer reveals how “kottu is made from leftovers, using day-old rotis that are chopped into strips and mixed with spices, egg, chicken or beef, and garnished with chopped raw onion and chilli”.

And you know when you’re within fifty metres of a kottue joint by the clashing sound of the big metal blades used to cut and beat all the kottue goodness into submission.

There’s much else that makes Sri Lanka’s street food cornucopia such and amazing experience, of course, including handy snacks made from just about anything it’s possible to cook and serve.

Read the full Guardian story here.

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