Sri Lanka has two entries in the latest Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list, both owned by celebrity restaurateur and arch showman Dharshan Munidasa.

And according to Indi at Yamu, Colombo’s premier foodie (and everything else) website, Ministry of Crab (29) and Nihonbashi (49) are both thoroughly deserving of the accolades.

He says: “The food at Ministry Of Crab and Nihonbashi is really really good. YAMU consistently rates it among the best places in Sri Lanka, and I’d personally rate Ministry Of Crab as the best.

“One thing I’ve heard is that Dharshan (pictured right) is a great marketer, which of course has an effect on a list like this, where 36 people are asked to select from what they’re aware of.

“In my opinion these restaurants and Dharshan definitely deserve the honor, and hopefully the added business and visibility. His restaurants do well by this, but this also puts Sri Lanka on the map as a culinary destination.”

The Asia’s 50 list also give both great write-ups, with Ministry of Crab described as “a true haven for crustacean fans, celebrating the Sri Lankan crab in everything from the dishes to the crab-claw plants that serve as the restaurant’s only décor”.

As for Nihonbashi, with its strong Japanese meme: “After creating the restaurant in his twenties, Munidasa has spent more than two decades focusing on making it one of the best Japanese restaurants in the region, creating original dishes using only the finest ingredients.”

Last words from Yamu: “So, congratulations to Dharshan and his team, and to Sri Lanka. If you’re lucky enough to live here, Ministry Of Crab and Nihonbashi are well worth a visit.

“If you’re a tourist, these two restaurants are just the vanguard of a growing and vibrant culinary scene. The whole country is worth a visit, and Colombo shouldn’t be missed.”


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