The amazing story of two Sri Lankan sisters who have succeed—possibly beyond their wildest expectations—in the cut-throat world of European fashion is an inspiration.

As told by Baco online creative magazine, Josie and Jessica Fernando were brought up in Switzerland, but “summers spent in Sri Lanka were the starting point of Kinsfolk, a jewellery and scarf brand.

“Travelling from Switzerland, the sisters spent their holidays reconnecting with their father’s roots and gained exposure to the world of Sri Lankan handicrafts.”

The outcome is the spectacularly successful chain of craft, fashion and jewelry outlets, which, “with their fresh and contemporary style … quickly gained a strong customer base in Switzerland”.

Kinsfolk jewellery, made by Indian and Sri Lankan craftsmen, and beautiful silk batik and hand-woven scarves are their main focus. In Zurich, they became known for their Mirissa ring, which is made of seven aligned and connected thin bands.

Says Baco: “Their attention to detail reflects their Swiss upbringing, where design details like using massive silver or seamlessly interlinking rings increases the quality and timelessness of each piece.

“Semi-precious stones like sapphire, onyx and quartz are used in the colourful and chunky designs. Most of their stones have a geometrical triangle or rectangle shape but some pieces feature the traditional Sri Lankan teardrop.”


Meanwhile, their website describes how “caught in-between homesickness and a longing for distant shores, Josie and Jessica Fernando founded Kinsfolk to unite their homelands of Switzerland and Sri Lanka.

“With strong bonds to both cultures, the sisters express them in ever-growing collections of jewellery and scarfs. These are created in partnership with craftsmen from small manufacturers and cottage industries in Sri Lanka and other parts of the Indian subcontinent. They compliment the sister’s design with traditional techniques and materials of the highest quality.

“Each piece of the Kinsfolk collection is handmade using components such as semi-precious stones, gold and silver, cashmere, silk and leather. For both jewellery and scarfs, the materials are carefully selected, rather for their natural and individual beauty than for clarity or perceived value.”

In Sri Lanka, Kinsfolk creations can be seen at PR Concept Store, 41 Horton Place, Colombo 07.

Read the full Baco report here.

Check out the Kinsfolk website here.


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