Madness, mayhem and absolute mentalism! Otherwise known as Tuk Tuk Safaris Sri Lanka, these supercharged three-wheeler ‘outings’ are a total blast, a total gas, and totally nuts!

As they tell it, “we have a convoy of five tuk tuks, so not only do you travel in style, you will meet other like-minded fun people!’

Which is where the fun starts, because for ‘like-minded fun people’ read ‘people who like to do mad things in a tuk-tuk in the company of other people doing exactly the same thing’.

Actually, it’s not as outrageously freewheeling as it sounds. Laws and orders do apply, it’s just that they’re not quite the same laws and orders that would apply if you went, say, for a quiet drink anywhere ‘respectable’.

For example: “Drink Like a King! Hydration is essential to a fun day out so we will make sure you drink like a king or queen all day and night.

“Cold Lions and non-alcoholic beverages will be supplied (on Gala Safari only) and stocked in your very own cooler box on board.

“Also, feel free to bring any snack or drinks (alcohol or non-alcoholic) with you.”

And if that’s not an invitation to get fast and loose on three wheels, we don’t know what is!

On the other hand: “Excellent Drivers! Safety is a big priority, so we have the best drivers in Colombo. They know the streets as well as how to ensure our guests have a great day. Our drivers are here to help!”

So Pledge Holidays is delighted to include any or all of Tuk Tuk Safaris in our Tailor Made itineraries for you brave souls out there who feel up to ‘syncopating’ (defined musically as ‘wondering from bar to bar’) around Colombo for an hour or four.

Which safari is for you? This from the horses mouth, so to speak:

The City Safari is suited to those on a budget or whom are visiting Colombo for the first time and want to get an overall city tour experience (with an added edge!).

The Food Safari covers hotspots in Colombo, as well as numerous super-authentic (local favourite) food stops along the way. “Warning: this tour is not for the faint-hearted, as you will be taken to some very local street food destinations.”

Last but not least, the Gala Safari “is an amazing combination of Colombo’s best seasonal hotspots, all of our amazing local food stops and lots of drinks are also included.

So there you have it. Not to be missed!

Check out there website here.

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