Sri Lanka’s latest—and arguably the most amazing—eco-hotel retreat is not just the perfect place to chill and relax on the shore of the über-picturesque Koggala Lake.

At the heart of Tri Lanka’s distinctive architectural meme is the mystical ‘golden ratio’, when the ratio of one to the other is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities—the fabled Fibonacci Sequence.

This most beautiful and inspiring retreat is described as “guided by nature, evolved by aesthetic passion, and fortified by an all-encompassing sustainable philosophy … a masterpiece of forward-thinking flair, where mathematical marries artistic and intelligence embraces emotion”.

It is the brainchild of British architect Robert Drummond, who, with wife Lara Baumann, founder of Quantum Yoga, “built an entire property according to the golden ratio spiral, thus inserting into the landscape an architectural shape that occurs in nature”.

The latest international acclaim for this masterwork is featured on the BLOUINARTINFO International website, which notes that “the result is one of the world’s most intriguing new hotels … reached either by boat from the local airport or by a rutted rural road running through fields and jungle.

“Named Tri Lanka, the resort centers on a water tower, from which the villas—made of in local jak wood and granite—spiral in accordance to the Fibonacci Sequence.”

It adds: “Drummond’s design was brought to life by Raefer Wallis, of A00 Architects of Shanghai, who combined the mathematical shape with as many organic touches in the buildings as possible, further mimicking the naturally occurring shape.

“Guests can thus expect to find solar-heated water, roofs covered in greenery, living walls, and an abundant use of recycled woods, all of which come from the local environment.”

Read the BlouinArtinfo International article here.

Check out the Tri Lanka website here.


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