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Some travel blogs are better than others, and The Travelettes is without doubt one of them. This post by Tabea (pictured right) is full of insights and a joy to read—and all about Sri Lanka! What’s not to like?

For her “my very first sambol—a traditional Sri Lankan condiment—was served to me in the middle of a grey Berlin winter and came with the warmest smile I’d seen in days”.

She was won over, and here she describes how she was determined to visit to our Paradise island. “It took me a while, but here I am on my very first trip to Sri Lanka, figuring that my gut feeling was right and I’m in love.”

The people

The people I met here caught me with their positive attitude, painting their houses in the brightest colours and warmly welcoming you into their diverse culture.

A life in sync with nature

Encircled by the forceful beauty of the ocean, they depend on nature’s mercy, but also get to experience its splendour on a daily basis – a bond for a lifetime. The majority of the day is spent outside and most people from rural areas have a garden that they lavish care on.

The land’s fruitfulness

Sri Lanka’s fertility is immense, with ideal growing conditions for almost everything. If you are like me, you’ll quickly turn into a fruit market shopping queen, buy as much as you can carry (or more) and won’t be seen without a coconut in your hand for three weeks in a row.

Going with the flow

It’s easy to not plan ahead too much and just go with the flow when you’re traveling in Sri Lanka. And that is great. Apart from the big hotels and resorts there are many small guest houses and local people renting out rooms via Airbnb available spontaneously.

Salt on your skin and sand in your hair

All of the above. Straight. For two weeks in a row. Because the beaches are just beautiful and the water is wild and warm and makes you want to stay forever. Definitely a reason to love Sri Lanka!

The food. Oh the food!

Shaped by the land’s richness and influenced by many different cultures (and coconut palm trees) an eclectic mix of spices, methods and produce is taking place here. My ultimate tip: try out as much as you can! I’m still not done testing and might have to come back. What a shame.

The colours

I’m talking pink houses, splendid traditional clothes, sundowns, fruits, flowers and much more. Thank you for all of that, Sri Lanka. I’ll be back for sure!

Read the full post here.

*Tabea was born in North-West of Germany from where she would happily explore Europe with a 70’s tent, her family, a small 35mm camera and constantly dirty feet. Tabea checks her e-mails at

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