Travel tips for Sri Lanka: respect the religion and the culture, don’t bare all on the beach—and go with the flow!


Google ‘travel tips Sri Lanka’ and you’ll get well over 50 million results. Fifty million! If you check them all out at 200 a day, that’s the next, oh, 200 years taken care of!

But from time to time we get a Google alert about a blog that’s posted a sensible traveller’s guide to the idiosyncrasies of our emerald isle, and here’s one of them.

Soul Drifters travel tips take a look at some of the do’s and don’ts you might want—or need!—to take note of, especially those to do with religious sensitivities.


Writes Liza Williams: “Sri Lanka is flooded with some remarkable religious sites throughout the country. Look out for Buddhist and Hindu temples, stupa’s, mosques, churches and even shrines.

“It is important to dress appropriately when visiting religious sites as it is considered very disrespectful in most cultures if you don’t.

“Most blogs or travel guide’s will advise on this and it cannot be stressed enough, in fact it is probably one of the top Sri Lanka travel tips that we can offer.”


Cultural sensitivies also need to be looked out for. “Sri Lanka is a very conservative country and in places like Aragum Bay it is strongly advised to keep your bikini for the beach and not the streets/cafes.

“Tanning topless in Sri Lank is taboo (even in the private and secluded beaches around Trincomalee) so you will more than likely be going home with a few tan straps.”

But fear not. The rest is (mostly) common sense, good manners and going with the flow. As Liza notes: “Some drivers are crazy and road rules seems non existent in Sri Lanka, so you just have to go with it!”

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