Travel blogger hails the 10 Things No One Tells You About Sri Lanka—and they’re all good!


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Travel blogger Eric Rosen at The Points Guy notes that “though serious surfers might prefer the waves at big-name surf spots like Hawaii or South Africa, those in the know have been flocking to the beaches of Sri Lanka for years”.

Yet the island’s best surf spots remain largely uncrowded. The south coast has some of the best-known surfing beaches, including the lazy breaks and barrels at Midigama and the swells at Kabalana.

Beginners can take on the small breaks at Weligama and stay nearby at the luxurious Cape Weligama for a bit of pampering after shooting the curl. On the east coast, Arugam Bay is known for consistent, gentle sets that are perfect for beginners.

Though Sri Lankan food resembles Indian cuisine, the two are very different, as Sri Lanka was one of the original destinations on the spice routes, thanks to its agricultural bounty.

As a result, a typical Sri Lankan curry might include a vast number of spices you would not find in a similar Indian dish, including exotic flavors like cardamom, cloves and fenugreek.

Breakfast is often the most colorful and substantial meal of the day. Expect string hoppers (sticky rice noodles onto which you ladle fish or chicken curry), yellow dal, coconut milk and about a dozen spices.

For thousands of year, Sri Lanka was home to flourishing civilizations that created great cities and temples. The best known among them are in the so-called Cultural Triangle about a four-hour drive northeast of Colombo.

The sacred city of Anuradhapura was established in the third century BC and grew as a political and religious capital for over 1,000 years. Its Jetavana stupa rivals the Great Pyramid of Giza in size and remains the largest brick structure in the world.

Nearby, Sigiriya was a pleasure palace built on the summit of a sheer granite mountain whose construction remains a marvel of technology and engineering. The famous frescoes of nude dancers you pass on the hike up are also pretty spectacular.

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