Travel blog YogaWineTravel explores the wonders of Pollonnaruway, the sacred Buddhist site in Sri Lanka


Nothing illustrates the history and mystery of ancient Sri Lanka and its Buddhist traditions better than Polonnaruwa, which lies at the heart of our famed Cultural Triangle.

This living monument to the past served as the capital city for nearly 200 years, when it was ruled by the Kings Vijayabahu I, Parakramabahu the Great and Nissanka Malla.

And says travel blog YogaWineTravel: “All three of these rulers devoted themselves to fostering agriculture, religion and social development and the kingdom prospered under their reign during this era.”

It adds: “Being able to walk relatively freely through the ruins, temples and shrines is an incredible way to take in the history of the country and imagine what it must have been like in its heyday.”

The blog includes tips and advice to make the most of a visit to this amazing place, including the fact that “it gets really, really hot in this part of Sri Lanka, so … the best way to see the ancient city is by (air conditioned) car”.

You can also rent bicycles to get from site to site, which is probably the best way to take in all that Polonnaruwa has to offer. Google Maps (see below) is fairly accurate when it comes to the individual sights.

One of the most important things to remember at this sacred Buddhist site is that shoulders and knees should be covered (men and women), and you will have to take your shoes off to enter the shrines.

“It should also be noted that taking photos with your back facing the Buddha images or statues are prohibited at all of the monuments.”

Finally, there are no public refreshment areas, and because of the heat and humidity it is essential that you take an adequate supply of water that will last for the whole visit.

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