The Ministry of Crab in Colombo is not only one of Sri Lanka’s most renowned restaurants, it is one of only two to appear on the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list. Both are owned by Sri Lankan-Japanese chef Dharshan Munidasa (pictured right).

The second, Nihonbashi (pictured below), was actually opened first, 22 years ago, and is equally renowned, not only for its food but also for its Japanese ambience.

But it is Ministry of Crab that caught the eye of Strait Times of Singapore food writer Rachel Loi, who described 46-year-old Munidasa’s journey from computer engineering at Johns Hopkins University to top Asian restaurateur.

Loi notes that Munidasa “was in Singapore last month for the World Gourmet Summit 2017, where his crab dishes from Ministry of Crab were served at TungLok Signatures in Orchard Parade Hotel”.

“For him, cooking crab here meant he had come full circle, because Ministry of Crab was in fact somewhat inspired by how popular Sri Lankan crab is in Singapore.

Says Munidasa: “I once joked that Sri Lanka should be more appreciative of our natural ingredients, and thanked Singapore for making our crabs a branded product with things like chilli crab and black pepper crab.

“Then one of my friends asked me, why aren’t you doing a crab restaurant? It made me realise we didn’t even see our crabs that way. So now at my restaurant, crab is our sacred product.”

With that, debunks the myth that the most active crab in a live tank is the healthiest and best one to purchase.

“If it’s moving around, it means it’s probably stressed out, so all the goodness is going out of it. Contrary to popular belief, it’s the one that’s alive, but calm and not moving that’s the strongest and fleshiest. Pick that one.”

Read the full report here.

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