One of Sri Lanka’s top film production companies tells the Daily Mirror that the UK hit TV series Good Karma Hospital is one of the most exciting projects they have ever worked on.

Shooting at various locations throughout the island was made possible by Nawala-based The Film Team, which has been a mainstay of the Sri Lankan film industry for over 30 years.

Says marketing manager Tanya Darmaratnam: “Having scouted for locations in and around India, the producers and director came across to Sri Lanka as the Line Producer who worked with us on Jekyll & Hyde recommended us as a reliable and professional production company.

“The icing on the cake was when our Art Director, Errol Kelly, took them to Galle and showed them the locations and possibilities of set construction. They were totally convinced that Sri Lanka was the better option.”

One of the supporting actresses was Sri Lanka’s own Nimmi Harasgama who played the role of Nurse Marie.

Tanya says that Sri Lanka hugely benefits from accessibility and close proximity of different terrain. “If I am to explain this, the sunny beaches are an hour’s drive from Colombo.

“Within a couple of hours we are in the hill country with a complete different look and feel of the location. Another hour’s drive takes you into the jungles and waterfall areas.”

She adds that “the locations that sell for Sri Lanka are the jungles, waterfalls, lanes and alleys in Colombo. The bigger selling point is the experience and knowledge of our Art Director Errol Kelly and his team for set construction, props and dressing and picture vehicles.”

Comments from the Karma Hospital team:

Bill Eagles (Director): “It is clear that Sri Lanka has made an impression. It is a landscape like no other. There is so much more to explore photographically than we were able to in 12 weeks.”

Amanda Redman (Actress in main role): “People who haven’t been here won’t understand this, but Sri Lanka is such a spiritual place. Somehow doing this show has made me that much more aware of life, death and the hereafter.”

Neil Morrissey: “I pretty much told them that there was no one else that could do this part! I don’t mind the heat and I’ve been to Sri Lanka before and loved it.”

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