Sri Lanka’s annual ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ trail-bike endurance race is given splash headlines on the Enduro Mountain Bike website.

It recounts “four days riding through the sultry mugginess of the jungle, across mountainous tea plantations and the central plateau right through to the holy city of Kandy”.

Thirty-seven riders from 15 countries lined up for an early start on Day 1 to battle it out from Kuda Oya to Haputale in higher temperatures than expected after travelling from Negombo to the south coast.

Day 2 and the ‘Lipton Loop’ from Haputale began to sort the men from the boys “through one of Asia’s most picturesque areas, beginning with a 500 metre climb to reach the popular viewpoint named after the tea pioneer Sir Thomas Lipton”.

Conclusion? “Fantastically well-organised, the ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ is a breath of fresh air, delivering a great and challenging multi-stage mountain bike race for amateurs, pros and adventure-seekers.

“With a route that takes in the jungle, high plateaus, tea plantations and some of Sri Lanka’s tiniest villages, having other mountain bikers from 5 continents to share the experience makes it a refreshingly sociable affair, and the competitive aspect takes a backseat – but in our eyes, this just makes us more convinced to ride it again.”

Read the full report here.


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