Top film team to document Sri Lanka wildlife after success in Africa

A top film team will be arriving in Sri Lanka to embed themselves in the landscape and record the best of our amazing and varied wildlife.

It follows the success of Camp Zambia, a stunning African wildlife showcase shot for the Love Nature channel created by Blue Ant Media UK-based Plimsoll Productions.

As was the case with the Camp Zambia production, the Camp Sri Lanka team will immerse themselves in the region.

They will film in three locations —Yala National Park, Minneriya National Park and Polonnaruwa—and “will focus on individual animal characters and families, capturing their lives in unprecedented detail”.

Says Blue Ant Media CEO Ward Platt: “Camp Sri Lanka brings endless possibilities as we embark on a new production project that will see us producing new stories about the region’s extraordinary creatures and habitat.”

Says Plimsoll Productions bos Andrew Jackson: “Camp Sri Lanka will definitely serve as a challenge to our team, but they are excited and inspired by Camp Zambia’s runaway success with incredible wildlife stories.”

Camp Sri Lanka will be character-focused, with four series slated for delivery in summer 2018. Content include footage from aerial cameras, which will fly over forests, grasslands, outcrops, swamps and beaches.

Plimsoll Productions’ production team includes Andrew Jackson, president, international production (North America, Frozen Planet, Africa), Martha Holmes, head of wildlife (Blue Planet, Manhunters, Life), James Smith, executive producer (Tribe,Amazon with Bruce Parry), Hannah Hoare, producer for Camp Sri Lanka (Year 1) and Hannah Hoare, Producer, Camp Zambia (Year 3).

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