The world loves Sri Lanka—but we must do more to attract tourists, says hard-hitting survey report


The overwhelming majority of visitors to Sri Lanka love our friendly locals and the natural beauty of our tropical paradise—and that’s official!

A survey by the Asian German Sports Exchange Program (AGSEP Research) found that 96 percent of the travellers to Sri Lanka had positive results of their stay and felt welcomed.

It adds that “84 percent confirmed they could make contact with the locals while 80 percent praised the friendly and open minded attitude of Sri Lankans”.


The three-month survey found that “over 90 percent of the visitors confirmed the impression about the natural beauty of Sri Lanka as true, due to the fascinating diversity in the country.

Travellers from 60 countries, “revealed that Sri Lanka has a wide range of attractions and sought after locations such as Ella, a top tourist destination among young European travellers”.

“Based on the findings, 80 percent of the visitors did not experience negative effects of the onset of the monsoon season a term used by foreign tour operators to focus on the off season weather pattern in Sri Lanka.”


The Sunday Observer notes that the survey also reinforces the governments recently announced drive to attract more tourists during the monsoon ‘off season’.

Meanwhile, the AGSEP also says Sri Lanka’s share of tourism to GDP is “abysmally low” compared with other countries in the region.

The reports says: “Sri Lanka endowed with more natural beauty and a wide variety of attractions could do much more in terms of the number of visitors it could attract each year.”

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