Old Dutch Hospital shopping and restaurant precinct in Colombo a big Sri Lanka tourist attraction


The Old Dutch Hospital building in the Sri Lanka capital Colombo, now beautifully restored as a shopping and restaurant precinct, is spotlighted on the Well Known Places travel blog.

Veteran traveller Auburn Silver (find her on Google+) “has a passion for fashion and a deep interest in admiring new and exotic attractions around the world.”

She writes: “When you are in Colombo, you should not miss spending an evening in the Dutch Hospital. Especially if you are in search of an ideal place to shop and enjoy a delectable meal.”


One of the oldest buildings in Colombo, it was initially built as a hospital for soldiers during the Dutch occupation of Sri Lanka. In 2011 it was transformed into what is today a major tourist attraction.

In 2011 that the Old Dutch Hospital was transformed into a shopping and a dining arcade.

Consisting of two central courtyards and five wings, it has rafters made of huge teak beams and is a wonderful place to eat at the many restaurants and cafés, or simply pass the time.


One of its major attractions is that it is easily accessed from most of the main Colombo hotels—for example, Cinnamon Lakeside is just five minutes away.

Of the many and diverse eating places, perhaps the Ministry of the Crab is the best known Its mouth-watering seafood is highly recommended!

And don’t miss out on a fragrant herbal bath at Spa Ceylon, or some of the delicious tea flavours available at the Heladiv Tea Club.

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