‘The best Sri Lankan cuisine this side of Colombo’ in South London is a big hit with CNN Traveller


We’ve written before about how much the British love curry, and now CNN Traveller has come up with their list of the best 15 curry restaurants in Britain’s capital city.

Which happily includes “the best Sri Lankan cuisine this side of Colombo” found at Apollo Banana Leaf in South London, described as “about as shabby chic as you can get”.

Says CNN: “Apollo Banana Leaf is a beloved institution in this part of south London, partly because of its shabby-chic decor and so-uncool-it’s-cool vibe, and partly because of its mouthwatering food.”

“Locals, foodies, lots of London’s Sri Lankan community—everyone under the sun comes here. They come because if you’re on a budget and want good South Indian or Sri Lankan cuisine, this is where you’re going to get it.”

Brits love a curry more than they love their traditional fish and chips, and Londoners are spoiled for choice when it comes to fine Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, Indian, and Pakistani restaurants.

From chic Michelin-starred jobs to hip street-food spots, narrowing it down to just 15 was no easy task, but someone had to do it. Here are our picks of London’s best South Asian eateries.


For a tastes of more traditional ‘British’-style curry, the India Club (above) has been in London since 1946 and is now an institution, as well as a popular tourist destination.

The decor hasn’t changed, with fading photos of Mahatma Gandhi on the mustard-hued walls and Formica-topped tables polished by lugubrious waiters.

Come here for the scene and to feel out of place in London rather than the food, which, though hearty, is not particularly transcendent.

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