Texan tough guys can forget about Mexican chilies—Sri Lanka is where it’s hot hot hot, says QueenSashay!


To all you Texan tough guys who think Mexican chilies are second only to a red-hot poker—you’ve obviously never heard of the super-spicy curry to be found in Sri Lanka!

The Houston Chronicle is carrying a story about one of our top favourite foody accompaniments—pol sambol—which begins: “If you think that the spiciest cuisine in the world is in Mexico, you are wrong—you are very, very wrong.”

However, says the Chron’s queen of cuisine: “When I crave Sri Lankan food, it is not the curries I desire; it is pol sambol made with freshly shredded coconut, chopped red onions, a squeeze of lime juice, chilies, and salt.”


“Pol sambol is the most Sri Lankan of all Sri Lankan dishes. The way we Westerners feel about ketchup, well, pol sambol brings about the very same warm and fuzzy feeling among the Sri Lankan folk.”

That’s because “one can get seriously addicted to pol sambol. I am. It is on my list of top ten dishes of all time”.

She adds that “coconuts can be tricky to source in western supermarkets. And even when the cook is fortunate enough to get hold of one, the cook faces close to insurmountable obstacles in opening it up”.

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