Sree Is Travelling

A terrific new blog by a young Indian backpacker writing about his first visit to Sri Lanka is garnering some rave reviews and an international following.

He says: “I am Sreejith Vijayakumar and I am from Kerala, a South Indian state which has been branded as ‘God’s own country’. Traveling is like meditation for me, it helps me to reconnect with myself and also with the world.”

In his first Inspiring Sri Lanka post he is mightily impressed by how pristine everything is: “Sri Lanka is super clean. Haters can claim that since it’s a small country waste management is easy. But don’t you think it’s the other way around?”

Regaining lost knowledge

Visiting the palm-leaf manuscripts at Aluvihara monastery in Matale, he writes: “Monks and scholars were sourced from different regions of Lanka and they started re-writing the manuscripts in the traditional way, ie, on palm leaves.

“This would be my primary reason to visit this place – to get inspired by their determination and hard work. Rather than feeling miserable thinking about the lost heritage, they went all out to reclaim them.

“The second reason is much more personal. You could get your name (or any other text) scribed on the palm leaf – a perfect souvenir from the Island nation!”

I ate like a local

Of course, our peerless cuisine also caught his eye, and his taste buds! “I ate like a local”, he says, with photos to prove it, especially “Srilankan Jalebi (not sure about the local name) after lunch. It was super delicious!”


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