A terrific Sri Lanka ‘guides and ideas’ travel blog that explores everything our Paradise island has to offer has posted about the top ten things to do in our capital city.

“Colombo is an exciting introduction to old and new Sri Lanka as it has a fascinating reflection of contrasts that define the country. From the welcoming locals going about their daily businesses to … the extravagant five-star hotels to the colonnaded verandas of the past, Colombo boasts of a perfect combination of attributes that make it a vibrant modern capital with a glorious past.”



Dehiwala Zoo

Special mention goes to Dehiwala Zoo, which complements going on a wildlife safari in one or more of our national parks. “As Colombo is normally the starting point of Sri Lanka trip for foreign tourists, getting acquainted with Sri Lanka’s animals at Dehiwala Zoo in Colombo is a good idea.”



Historic Temples

“One of the main attributes of major cities Sri Lanka is endless number of historic temples and Colombo is not an exception. Gangaramaya Temple and Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara are two of Colombo’s most visited temples. Kelaniya Temple is believed by the Buddhists to be the place where Lord Buddha made his third and final visit to Sri Lanka.”



LeisureWorld Water Park

“The first amusement and water park in Sri Lanka features plenty of exciting rides and fun activities for both kids and adults. The amusement activities include Maverick -12, Tropical Rain Forest, Spaceship, Lake Rides, Spring Ride, and Happy Express. All these arrangements makes a visit to this park one of the never-miss things to do in Colombo for family holidaymakers.”



Vibrant Nightlife

Last but not least, “nighttime is the perfect time to chill-out and enjoy a different Colombo in its bars and casinos. You can party until the dawn and try your hands at cool clubs, baccarat or baccarat”.


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“We write about Sri Lanka’s famous tourist spots, natural wonders, and famous tourism activities. Also, we are visitors oriented website where visitors can share their stories, share the specialty of their villages, places and famous functions in their places.”

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