The Telegraph UK, dubbed ‘the top people’s newspaper’, lauds the delights of our ‘must-go-now’ tropical Paradise beaches—“ravishing green landscape surrounded by glorious white sand, all contained within a malaria-free island”.

Aoife O’Riordain writes that “since the end of the civil war, Sri Lanka has been ascending the must-go-now lists. The east and north east of the island has opened up to visitors and the south coast, badly hit by the tsunami of 2004, has a raft of new places to stay”.

She points out that although “you could just fly and flop on a beach along the southern coast … that would be slightly missing the point of Sri Lanka, where you can pack culture, wildlife and great beaches into a relatively small space”.

She was also mightily impressed with Galle Fort, one of our eight UNESCO World Heritage sites, “one of Sri Lanka’s most charming spots. Its sturdy ramparts enclose a diminutive grid of cobbled streets lined with low-slung colonial houses concealing hidden gardens, and historic buildings such as the 19th-century All Saints Anglican church and a hive of cafés, shops, restaurants and hotels”.

But she left the last word to her six-year-old son: “Coconuts!” he exclaimed in excitement as we sliced through the patchwork of palm, mango and rubber plantations on either side of the road. “It’s a paradise!”

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