Tea and bird-watching amid Sri Lanka’s high-end boutique hotels and top-class restaurants

Tea and bird-watching go together like rice and curry, especially against the backdrop of Sri Lanka’s top-class restaurants and high-end boutique hotels.

And says Metro UK: “Where better for a cuppa on this teardrop-shaped Indian Ocean island, formerly known as Ceylon, than in one of the new Teardrop Hotels opening up this year across the central highlands?”

It the new Camellia Hills’ colonial charm and the fact that it’s “an intimate base to explore nearby lakes, mountains and communities. Don’t miss Nuwara Eliya, the highest town in the country”.

But it’s our wildlife that really hits the spot. “Sri Lanka packs a big punch when it comes to wildlife. Beyond the leopards and elephants found in Yala National Park, the southern coast is a prime breeding ground for blue whales, with pods of 200 often gathering just offshore.

It also notes that we also have a wide variety of birds, from the blue magpie to the yellow-eared bulbul, and that Sri Lanka is rapidly gaining a reputation as a must-visit destination for bird watchers.

Meanwhile, “since Sri Lanka opened up in 2009, after 25 years of civil war, it has attracted a steady flow of curious travellers for its temples, quiet stretches of beach and sparse Jaffna Peninsula, but it’s the developed south where most turn their attention”.

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