Tangalle is the gateway to some of the finest beaches in Sri Lanka. Lying east of the island’s southernmost point, it is also home to one of our finest freshwater lagoons.

Fringed by mangroves, and with all the wildlife and bio-diversity you would expect, the lagoon is a perfect place to find peace, quiet and tranquility.

As the roar.lk blog points out, “the main body of the lagoon is great for boating and kayaking, but the lagoon continues a bit further south as well, ending in a smaller marsh connected to the main by a narrow stretch of water”.

“This part of the lagoon is quieter than the main body and lends for a far more intimate experience.”

Best times to visit are early morning or evening, and you paddle your kayak strictly at your own pace, with plenty of nooks and crannies you can investigate, with little waterways wending among the mangroves.

Says Roar: “There are a lot of birds in the area and fish in the water. You’ll find some of the birds diving under the water while some of the fish tend to jump out of it.

“That’s the marsh for you. There’s also the occasional water monitor lizards who tend to give you the evil eye if you get too close to them.”

Read the full report here.


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