over-the-dune-surfing-2Surfing fanatic Sam at Over The Dune has posted a comprehensive guide to surfing in Sri Lanka, full of fantastic impressions and best-beach tips for beginners and enthusiasts alike.

He writes: Sri Lanka. Impossible beauty, unreal waves and local soul. Beginner friendly? Sort of.

Before going there, I thought of a remote paradise. Handfuls of locals in white dress, temples and tumbledown buildings. I imagined a kind of surf adventure into new territory.

It didn’t take long to realise that my wistful version of Sri Lanka, fuelled by surf films, glossy magazines and nostalgic friends, wasn’t the whole truth

The Gem Of The Indian Ocean is a stunner. There’s no denying it. The water is crystal blue, the soft beaches, lined with palm trees, are chalk-white and the sunsets are something else.

It was also a surfer’s paradise.

We’re talking all kinds of breaks. Waves for absolute beginners, amateurs and pros, rights, lefts, lazy longboard lumps, snappy performance peaks, reefs, points, beachies. You name it. Warm water too, not a wetsuit in sight! We also found that elusive dream for watermen around the world: predictability.

Read the full report here.

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