Superchef Anthony Bourdain delights in crab curry as he enjoys Sri Lanka food favourites.


Famed chef turned world foodie traveller Anthony Bourdain has turned his CNN Parts Unknown series attention to Sri Lanka and our equally famed and fiery cuisine.

As the Food & Wine website notes: “For Bourdain, ‘the holy grail of Sri Lankan cuisine’ is crab curry, which he savors later with a family who somehow managed to get their 1930’s-built home back after the war.”

Meanwhile, says Condé Nast Traveller: “Every Sunday, we live vicariously through Anthony Bourdain’s globe-hopping, face-stuffing adventures on CNN’s Parts Unknown.”

The series takes Bourdain alongf the long and winding road through foodie heaven, exploring and experiencing the best of the world’s varied and variable cuisines.

This time he’s at Nelum Kole restaurant on Slave Island in Sri Lanka, where he eats chicken curry, while a journey up to Jaffna sees him eat enjoy one of his favorite meals—homemade crab curry, with a kick.

As he notes: “The best food in Sri Lanka is always made by aunties—forces to be reckoned with.” His trip ends idyllically on Point Pedro Beach, feasting on fresh grouper and squid with local fishermen while they discuss the country’s future. And of course, it is all washed down with cold beer.”

At Dr Ravi Perumalpillai’s home in Jaffna, “auntie” Punitham Selvadura serves Bourdain a homemade crab curry that he refers to as “the holy grail of Sri Lankan cuisine.” He enthusiastically takes second helpings and licks his fingers clean, praising the dish’s fiery, spicy flavor.

As he says in his Guide to Sri Lankan Cuisine: “Over time I have learned that although Sri Lankans are a reticent lot, there is no better gauge of their generosity than a typical rice-and-curry lunch.

“At its most extravagant, this meal could include half a dozen vegetarian curries, a couple of meat curries, sambols, fried chilies and papadum. Even a bare-bones lunch is considered incomplete without three or four distinct components.”

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