Being shoeless in Hawaii led Heather Shuster hot-foot to Sri Lanka—and a Kickstarter campaign to fund unique eco-friendly flip-flops made from our top-quality natural rubber.

That’s because the only available South Pacific beach footwear was cheap, nasty and made with plastic and PVC materials that pollute the environment.

So after Heather vowed to create and manufacture her own, the Olli line was launched. She say: “After much research, I discovered natural rubber, which is a biodegradable, sustainable and comes from a tree.”

More specifically, Sri Lankan trees, according to a report on the Footwear News (FN) website, after she was told by shoe factories that she would have to source her own raw materials.

The report describes how Heather found what she was looking for with the help of a company that now both processes the rubber and produces the flip-flops.

Says FN: “However, the sisters weren’t satisfied in simply protecting the environment. They also wanted to support the workers on the rubber plantations they often found working and living in substandard conditions.

“To make sure they were mindful of plantation workers’ conditions, the two became members of the Fair Rubber Association, an organization dedicated to improving the working and living conditions of the primary producers of natural latex as well as promote the environmentally friendly production of natural rubber.”

Hather’s Kickstarter page declares: “OLLI – Earth’s Favorite Flip-Flop! FAIR TRADE, Natural Rubber, and Biodegradable. Ultra comfort and Simple design all while making a difference. The perfect flip-flop!”

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