A stunning secret beach soothes the hangovers after Sri Lanka New Year’s Eve party in Mirissa!


The secret beach was exactly what travel writers Ben and Lauren needed to recover from the alcohol-fuelled New Year’s Eve Sri Lanka Party in Mirissa—“easily the best NYE party of our lives!”

Says Lauren: “We had spent the previous night on the main beach in a massive New Year’s Eve celebration—one we just happened to stumble upon, but that had been an exciting blur of music, bonfires, fireworks, sparklers, fire dancers, and floating lanterns.

“After the essential purchase of a 30 cent fresh coconut and a humid and sweaty (read: HUNG-OVER) hike, we peeked out beneath the palm trees and saw it—empty, stunning, and just what we were looking for.”

She writes on their Television of Nomads blog that the beach’s twin coves “is a prime example of Sri Lanka’s tropical beach beauty. With mellow waves and balmy water, this beach makes a perfect spot”.

“It was exactly what we were looking for after doing a safari at Yala National Park, spending a day in Kandy, climbing the Lion Rock in Sigiriya, and exploring the Elephant Trash Dump in Dambulla.”

But, she says, there’s a catch. Even if you start from the discreet Secret Beach signpost, it’s difficult to find, a 20-minute hike and trek down a rocky cliff face.

But it was worth it to get away from the crowds that flock Mirissa’s main beach, and for those who need it, “tucked away in a shady corner stood a teeny little bar with a humble food menu”.

“We sat down in a set of raw wood chairs by the water and ordered two piña coladas (hair of the dog!) and a plate of devilled fish (a Sri Lankan culinary must-have).

“The drinks were fairly strong and the fish was delicious—tender, sweet, spicy, and bursting with flavor—but, at about $15 USD total, this was definitely a splurge for us compared to our other spending in Sri Lanka. Still—not too shabby, right?”

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