Billy Piper, top, and a crow, bottom.

Crow-lovers—and aren’t we all (not!)—will rejoice at the EveningStandard UK’s report that “hundreds of people enjoyed the crow cafe in Tower Hamlets on Easter Sunday”.


It says: “The world’s first crow café came to the capital on Easter Sunday, much to the delight of Londoners who dropped by.

“Actress Billie Piper was among hundreds of people who visited the café in Tower Hamlets on Sunday afternoon.”

This giant step along the road to rehabilitating these canny corvids—they are not collectively known as ‘a murder of crows’ for nothing—was the brainchild of 61-year-old Trevor Smith.

He teamed up with Charlie Gilmour, crazed son of Pink Floyd voice-and-guitar superstar David, “in an effort to improve the bad PR that crows often receive”.

Fat chance of that.

Nevertheless, gullible Gilmour told the Standard: “Crows are incredibly beautiful, clever, fascinating creatures, and this event was an effort to do some good PR for them.”

One Twitter user described the event as “such a nice and weird afternoon”, while another added it was “a fun and interesting way to spend Easter Sunday”.

So next time your sitting at a Sri Lanka beachside café and a crow nicks your last chip, remember the right Charlie’s words: “Beautiful, clever, fascinating creatures”.

Or as one commenter put it: “I’d much rather see & hear songbirds in my garden than crows or magpies tbh.

“The horrible racket a gathering of crows make should explain why the phenomenon is termed ‘a murder of crows’, but I think it has more to do with ancient folklore and superstitions.”

Read the full report here.

Twitter: “A fun and interesting way to spend Easter Sunday, meeting Joe, Elijah, Gilbert and YumYum at @charliegilmour’s Crow Café!”

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