Sri Lanka’s spectacular landscapes and cultural heritage featured in the Great Big Story series by CNN


A major tourism promotion collaboration between Sri Lanka and US broadcaster CNN has produced a series of compelling videos showing different aspects of our cultural heritage.

Called the Great Big Story, the first spotlights the 80 amazing Caves of the Golden Buddah at Dambulla, which contain many priceless statues and 1,500 paintings and murals.

Says tourism minister John Amaratunga: “We are looking forward to showcasing the hidden gems of Sri Lanka that are beautiful and undiscovered.


“We want the world to witness the culture and heritage that Sri Lanka nurtures.

“Our association with CNN International Commercial is a great step towards showcasing the cultural ethos of Sri Lanka, through varied platforms that this partnership comprises.

“Through Great Big Story’s compelling story telling we are looking forward to reaching out to diverse audiences worldwide.”


Adds CNN International’s Sunita Rajan: “Our key focus is to produce engaging content that brings Sri Lanka’s travel experiences to life.”

Following Dambulla will be The Fire Dancers, filmed at he Kandy Esala Perahera, a grand festival celebrated with elegant costumes and awe-inspiring performances.

Next up will be The Mangrove Master, the story of how Douglas Thisera, known as the Mangrove Master, has spent 16 years replanting and conserving Sri Lanka’s mangroves.

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