Sri Lanka’s favourite jackfruit—the crucial new wonder food that is poised to feed the world?


The mighty jackfruit—some weigh more than 40kg—is a highly nutritious and delicious staple that has been feeding Sri Lanka families for untold generations.

Now experts say it could become the wonder food that feeds the world, especially in places where wheat, corn and rice are threatened by climate change.

A report in the Mail UK describes how 23-year-old entrepreneurs Jordan Grayson and Abi Robertson have launched Project Jackfruit to market “the new wonder-food” in the UK.


The pair sell pre-prepared portions of jackfruit, with flavours including barbecue, satay and Caribbean jerk, but admit it may take the public time to get used to.

Says Abi: “Some people seem very nervous about it, but once they’ve been tempted and tried it they can’t believe it. It’s way better for you than meat.”

And says Dr Shyamala Reddy, a biotechnology researcher at the University of Agriculture Sciences in Bangalore, India: “It’s a miracle. It can provide so many nutrients and calories—everything.”


Each fruit contain hundreds of seeds rich in calcium, protein, iron and potassium, tastes a bit like pork, and goes well with just about anything, from soup to burgers.

But the canny pair might have a way to go before it replaces pork on British plates: Project Jackfruit’s pouches are nearly three times the cost.

But despite this hurdle, the pair hope to break the British market with the exotic product to help ease the strain of climate change and overpopulation.

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