The world is full of travel bloggers. Some do it for a living, some do it for fun, some are not worth reading, while some are—including this little gem from Tracy’s Travels in Time.

Tracy loves trains. She’s ridden the rails across continents, through jungles, over deserts, and following long and winding valleys—which include the epic train journey from Kandy to Ella.

Sri Lanka is famous for many things—tea, beaches, wildlife, Buddhism, rice-and-curry—but for Tracy, this train trip alone is worth the visit to our Paradise island.

She writes: “We’d heard that travelling by train through Sri Lanka was something of a ‘must do’ experience and we were not disappointed!

“Our first journey was from Colombo Fort to Kandy. We left the booking completely in the hands of our host and he managed to get us seats in the First Class Air Conditioned carriage.  

“Wow, we thought, First Class for only 1000 rupees (approx. £5.00 for two tickets!!). We arrived at Colombo Fort and very easily found our way to the correct platform. There are lots of Guards to point you in the right direction and were all very helpful.”

But it was the Kandy to Ella leg, famous for the Nine Arch Bridge built by the British when they were in charge, where “the first class carriage is the only one where no standing is allowed, so there’s plenty of room”.

“It’s difficult to describe, without sounding ‘cheesy’ but every twist and turn revealed one amazing view after another (keep your camera handy!) from tea plantations to waterfalls and tree covered mountainsides shrouded in cloud.

“This was the one we were most excited about. We’d read so much about this journey and how it’s widely described as ‘one of the best train journeys in the world’. It certainly didn’t disappoint!!

Read the full post here.

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