Sri Lanka’s famed ayurveda treatment opens up ‘a whole new world of wellness’ at Anantara Peace Haven


The famed ayurveda wellness treatment found in Sri Lanka came from India around 500 BC. Literally ‘the science of life’, its goal is to promote a long and healthy existence.

Nowhere is that more the case than the plush upmarket luxury spa at the five-star Anantara Peace Haven in Tangalle.

Just three-and-a-half hour drive south of the capital Colombo, it created a welcome and relaxing respite for CNA Lifestyle writer Daven Wu.


He writes that body type is all important, and that “everything—from the oils used in the massage to the medicinal herbs you take, or even the actual treatment—hangs on it”.

He notes that ayurveda is based on body type, seven in all. “Each is the result of genes and karma, and a combination of one or more of three energy centres in the body – vata, pita and kapha”.

Thus “after a combination of pulse-taking and a probing discussion of my sleeping patterns, toiletry habits and diet”, he was declared to have a vata/pita combination body.


Pita bodies “are anchored by fire and they tend to have oily skin, with sensitive or emotional temperaments. Kapha bodies have more water in them, and tend to be bigger, taller and muscular, while being gentle and slow to anger”.

“At the end of the three days I was left with the singular realisation that a whole new world of wellness had opened for me.”

He concludes that “here, in a quiet, white-walled complex filled with light, air, and calming water features, I found answers to a lifetime of perplexed perusals of ayurvedic menus”.

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