The DailyFT reports that KumbukRiver “has been nominated continuously by the World Travel Awards since it carried the travel Oscar as the world’s leading eco-lodge in 2008”.

This Lankan gem is ranked among world’s top 10 most unusual resorts, an idyllic 16-acre hideout on the banks of a river in Buttala, which borders our famed Yala National Park.

Its most iconic attraction is a three-story-high elephant with sleeping accommodation, plus a luxurious tree house, a two-decker built around two trees with a floor-to-ceiling glass wall facing the river.

Says the Daily FT: “The air-conditioned room which has a plush bathroom and all five-star amenities is popular among visitors from around the world who wants to enjoy nature but with superior comforts.

“KumbukRiver isn’t just about unique architecture and a heavenly habitat. KumbukRiver racks up some of the best guest reviews on popular travel sites, thanks to its mandate on giving guests a truly authentic experience.”

Visitors can explore the resort’s 16-acre river-front nature enclave, swim in the river bath, catch some fish, go bird watching, and enjoy a full menu of Sri Lankan and international cuisine. What’s not to like!

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