Sri Lanka’s egg hoppers are fast becoming a global foodie favourite, and the latest hard-core fans can be found in the Sydney, Australia, suburb of Tramsheds.

Hopper Kadé is the brainchild of Ruvane, who was born into the local Sri Lankan community, and who with her partner teamed up with Kumar Pereira, from the third season of MasterChef.

Their success story is told in The Brag, which reports that “the trio wanted to bring hoppers into the mainstream and steer Sri Lankan cuisine away from just curries and thick, spicy foods”.

Says Ruvu: “We are living in Western culture and not in a secluded island paradise. We want people to swap out their normal carbs for hoppers. The fact that they are gluten-free opens up a whole new world of carbs to coeliacs.”

They are also introducing Sydney to some of the traditions of Ayurvedic practice; essentially, a whole foods wellness mantra that Sri Lankans try to live and prepare their food by.

Many of the ingredients used in Ruvu’s hoppers are whole foods, like tuna, coconut sambol and fresh coriander, and the menu at Hopper Kadé features three different types of hoppers.

Says The Brag: “If you’ve never had a hopper, now is the time to try one, as they might soon be taking off into franchises like banh mi have done before them. These protein-filled delights may well be Sydney’s next big thing in food.”

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