Sun, sea, sand—and food! Sri Lanka’s delicious cuisine hits the spot for Indian Express writer Damini Ralleigh


The tropical island paradise of Sri Lanka has a lot to offer tourists from colder climes seeking a once-a-year, get-away-from-it-all holiday experience.

Sun, sea and sand, plus exposure to a totally different cultural, plus a bit of sightseeing, adventure activities and shopping—they all ad up to lifetime memories.

Plus, of course, the food, especially for those whose usual daily diet is lacking what you might call that essential spice of life!


This is even the case for Indians, whose cuisine is in many cases similar to our own, as Damini Ralleigh in the Indian Express is quick to point out.

She writes: “The island’s cuisine melds the cultures of its myriad ethnic groups, carries impressions of its colonial past, and is informed largely by its topography, and a little by the West too.”

She was particularly impressed with the variety and tastiness of delicacies on offer in the capital Caolombo: “It’s much like the food of the southern part of India, especially the spice-laden Kerala.”


It was a similar story down south in Galle and the Elita Restaurant, “a great place to enjoy the island’s fresh catch, chalked on the board outside … an essential stop, not one dish disappoints”.

“Walking on the cobbled streets lining the high 16th century arches built by the Portuguese, it is difficult not to be drawn in by the history that permeates the Galle Fort area.”

Next up is the well-known surfing and whale-watching resort of Mirissa. “Right on the beach of this small town is the restaurant Zephyr. It calls for a repeat visit. We oblige twice.”

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