Sri Lanka’s booming Mirissa beach resort tourism ‘driven by the internet and personal recommendations’


Mirissa, the tourist hotspot beach in southern Sri Lanka, is getting visitors mostly from positive online and personal recommendations, a new survey has found.

Market research firm reports that internet searches and personal recommendations are key drivers of Mirissa’s success as a must-visit tourist destination.

The resort’s founding attraction is whale-watching, closely followed by the fine beach, the clarity of the water for diving, and the general cleanliness.


Says Feedback: “Despite shortcomings … positive reviews out-numbered negative ratings by 17.74 percent, which indicated that more people had a positive experience who became a promoter for the location.

“Up to 57 percent of visitors visited Mirissa after searching through the internet, and 19 percent came after positive recommendations by friends.

Another three came from Facebook, indicating that almost 80 percent came after learning about the location from the internet and personal recommendations, underlining the major role now played by the internet in tourism.”


Another attraction are the small restaurants and shops selling clothes, food and souvenirs that provide ‘atmosphere’ and nightlife for visitors with music and lights, “which large hotels cannot provide, travellers say”.

The majority of the tourists were recorded from the Europe (92%) during the month of March 2018, followed by France (25%), Germany (19%) and England (17%).

The survey showed that tourists “intended to stay in Sri Lanka on average 17 days, with 65 percent staying between one and two weeks and 19 percent for up to three weeks, with 10 percent wanting to stay longer than three weeks”.

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