Sri Lanka’s amazing fashion talent hailed as ‘a hot selection of haute couture’

The Cuture Trip website is hailing some of the amazing fashion talent to be found in Sri Lanka creating ethically-sourced fabrics, boho prints, brightly coloured batiks, and fun, sun-loving designs.

It hand picks a number of top names as it notes that “online platforms, as well as boutiques which handpick the best designer pieces, are treating Sri Lankan fashionistas to a hot selection of haute couture”.

“Graduating from fashion colleges abroad, securing work experience with famous names in fashion, and taking inspiration from island culture, Sri Lanka’s young and progressive designers deserve worldwide exposure.” Here’s a few of them:

Love—the thrill of sarongs

The traditional staple wardrobe items of many Sri Lankans are saris for women and sarongs for men. Lovi is on a mission to bring the thrill of sarongs to people around the world.

Born in San Francisco and made in Sri Lanka, Lovi sarongs are designed for being active and outdoors. They have pockets for cash and phone, and a belt to keep it tied securely.

They can be dressed up with a shirt, jacket and shoes, or dressed down with a tee and flip-flops.

Buddhi Batiks—ethical fashion

Batik is one of the most popular items tourists pack into their suitcases for the trip home. The business of ethical fashion is taken to a different level by Buddhi Batiks, who add a quirky twist to their fabrics.

Each piece produced is hand-painted in wax by talented artisans, then hand-dyed in an unlimited variety of colours, ranging from the most vibrant to the softest pastels.

Buddhi Batiks not only create stunning bridal saris, but also gorgeous one-shoulder dresses, kimonos, vintage skirts, clutches and shoes!

Amilani Perera—exotic luxury

Amilani Perera’s ‘exotic luxury’ brand is famous for its chic Sri Lankan motifs. A graduate from the La Salle College of Arts in Singapore, she has shown at Colombo Fashion Week for the past few years, as well as at the USA/Sri Lanka Fashion Week in New York earlier in 2017.

Amilani’s exquisite designs build a connection between fashion and history.

Rukshani—acclaimed debut

Rukshani is an experienced designer who has worked with many famous names, including Jonathan Saunders. She recently premiered her new ‘Nika by Rukshani’ ready-to-wear label to much acclaim on the Colombo fashion scene.

Her hallmark is unique modern pieces, such as white ruffle blouses and tropical island print pencil skirts, created for women who like clothes which express their uniqueness and individuality.

Rumpunch—inspired swimwear

Founded by Rukshika and Binara Seneviratne, Rumpunch is a brand of swimwear that is inspired by Sri Lanka’s tropical hues and island lifestyle.

The brand’s hip and stylish designs, infused with vibrant colours and bold prints, cater to the discerning and adventurous women of today. What’s more, this progressive brand offers a custom-made beachwear option through their online design app.

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