Fancy a nice cup of Ceylon tea? Or something you can really get your teeth into? Because some of Sri Lanka’s top chefs are getting ready to show you how eating tea can be as good as drinking it.

The Sunday Times reports that Dilmah, one of our best-known brands, is pioneering ‘tea on a plate’—cooking with tea—which will feature at the international Bocuse d’Or culinary competition in Lyon, France, in January 2019.

It says: “For the fourth time, Sri Lanka chefs has been invited to participate in this competition and … Dilmah is now helping to brand Sri Lanka tourism by having this special tea in food menus of all the contestants participating in the Bocuse d’Or.”

The Business Times spoke with to Suren Atukorale, food service manager at Dilmah, about tea-on-a-plate concept.

“When Merril J. Fernando, founder Dilmah and his two sons met Mr Bocuse in his culinary school in Lyon, the latter had agreed to include Ceylon Tea as an ingredient in the culinary preparations in the competition.

“Thus ‘served-in-a-cup’ Ceylon Tea goes round the world on a plate through these chefs participating in this wide and highly prestigious culinary contest.”

He added that “when tea is added as an ingredient in the food, it should be brewed longer and stronger when cocking with it and one should refrain from using too many ingredients to ensure the prominence of the taste of tea”.

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