Sri Lanka’s culinary deliciousness is fast catching on round the world, and the latest spicy favourite has just opened in Zagreb, the Croatian capital.

The Citypal website reports that two Sri Lankan brothers found the perfect fit for our exotic cuisine among the young, hip urban professionals of this favourite European tourist destination.

They recently opened The Curry Bowl near the city centre, and are doing a roaring trade!

Says CityPal: “This place is conceived as a street food restaurant while the smells of various spices are spreading in its space. The kitchen is open so you can directly see how the dishes are prepared on a daily basis!”

It lauds “the fresh authentic dishes from Sri Lanka such as Kotthu, traditional dishes served with Pol-Sambol (coconut salad) or Deviled dishes prepared from crunchy vegetables and fried cubes of meat that are additionally stewed in a unique combination of spices and sauces are the specialties of Curry Bowl Restaurant”.

Read the full report here.


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