Sri Lankan egg hoppers are the delicious new bacon’n’egg rolls in downtown Sydney

Australian public-service broadcaster and website SBS reports that Sydneysiders “are hopping mad for the Sri Lankan bowl-shaped pancake, known as the hopper”.

“The Saturday-morning queue at Lankan Filling Station’s market stall at Sydney’s Carriageworks Farmer’s Markets is testament to how much we’ve taken to this coconutty crepe-meets-crumpet.”

But wait! Lankan Filling Station has just announced to SBS that their final market day will be 16 September! However, fear not. They are now looking for a permanent commercial site in Sydney. Phew!

For the unititiated, writes SBS’s Belinda So, egg hoppers come with your choice of condiments: addictive pol sambol (freshly grated coconut, lime juice, chilli powder and Maldive fish—like dried anchovies) or seeni sambol (onion cooked down with jaggery and sweet spices until caramelised), plus the curry of the day.

Sweet hoppers are filled with grated jaggery (a dark Sri Lankan palm sugar) and coconut cream (also on tomorrow’s menu).

Hoppers are traditionally made from rice, coconut milk and water. That’s it. Carey uses organic white rice, stone-ground to her specifications, which is made into a batter that is fermented overnight, giving her hoppers a distinctive savoury tang and lace-like texture.

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