Sri Lanka in the top 10 destinations of the decade says Australian travel website

As Sri Lanka’s reputation as a must-visit tourist destination grows by the day, it’s always good to compare ourselves with the opposition.

Now the Australian website Traveller has done just that in its Top 10 Best Destinations Of The Decade—and its pretty good news.

It ranks us fourth behind Japan, New Zealand and Canada, which is no shame because they have been well-established travel destinations for decades.

Australians are flocking to Sri Lanka

Says Traveller write Lance Richardson: “In the past eight years, hundreds of thousands of Australians have flocked to Sri Lanka and been gob-smacked by its beauty, affordability, and ease—and then flown home and told others about it.

“Indeed, Sri Lanka has remained very much a ‘word of mouth’ place, a travel experience passed along between friends. That is part of its appeal.

“Another is its size and variety. Roughly the landmass of Tasmania – that is, small – it nevertheless contains multitudes. The beaches in the south and east are some of the best in the world. The mountains, stretching between Kandy and Ella, are verdant with tea plantations, speckled with Buddhist temples.”

One of the most spectacular travel experiences on the planet

He particularly notes that “the centre has a trail of ancient ruins: Anuradhapura, Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa. And Jaffna Peninsula, the seat of Tamil culture, offers a fascinating contrast to the rest of the country”.

Mentioning the end of Sri Lanka’s 30-year civil war, he says: “But it has only been eight years. Sri Lanka is still healing. And as it does, it offers one of the most dynamic and spectacular travel experiences on the planet,” including:

Galle Fort

Built by the Portuguese in 1588, the fort is something of a cultural mish-mash, with Dutch and Sri Lankan residents, and at least a few vintage cars rumbling about.


A long, lonely stretch of soft sand and swaying palm trees? That would be Tangalle, possibly the most picturesque beach in the south, even after being hit hard in the 2004 tsunami.


The charming town of Ella is the ideal base for exploring the mountain country, including its tea plantations, which can be visited for inside tours.


A major stop on most travel lists is Kandy, another gateway to the tea plantations. The Temple of the Tooth Relic is revered by Buddhists the world over.


Sigiriya is like Uluru if somebody built a temple on the top. Bizarre and gorgeous, it offers an unforgettable climb and some racy frescos.

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